Customized class types

Our Skype class =

Your tailor-made class    +    A teacher to correct you & help you speak

Tailor-made class = to learn what you really want to say

Warm teacher-student relationshipWhatsapp / email language support
Website material free for you to explore

After the class, my students reflected that they felt the learning gradually and very consolidate, they could speak for practical purpose and make sentences immediately. Take the chance to learn with me, a good teacher that give you what you need.

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Our class is …

  • Tailor-made class – do what you request
  • Practical content e.g. at wet market, at restaurant & travel in taxi etc.
  • Multi-media : Whatsapp audio + Listening training + Video teaching
  • With one-click audio, powerpoints and handouts
  • Easy Revision with no pressure