Think Big, start small !

In 2011, I started my master degree in China studying “TCSOL” – Teaching Chinese as a second language, my first student was a Japanese lady ( face-to-face at her place)who were married to a Hong Konger.

2011, I set up this website & its “sister-website” ( to put all my knowledge on “TCSOL” online.

2012, I interned in a research centre in Singapore on “TCSOL”

2013, I worked in an international school seeing students struggle with Mandarin & Cantonese learning in a big class, a small idea came up into my mind, what about “1-to-1 class or 1-to 5?”

face-to-face private tutoring and commuting between students? what’s about “skype”?

2014, I started my “petit(e)” skype business & made learning material / youtube on my own or with a “free-for-all” education web platform.

Skype class is exactly like a real 1-to-1 class [90%], the teaching & learning efficiency can be enhanced by its screen sharing and the using of multi-media (whatsapps instant audio / powerpoints / video / audio / flashcards), which can be better than face-to-face in term of screen-sharing technology and no transportation cost.

2015, I started making Cantonese video on youtube with my teaching material for my students and as I taught many hours and spoke hundred times on tones and sentence elaborations. Some Cantonese learners like them (which I do not expect), that is my honor 😀


Enjoy the website!

Find your own way to learn!

Find someone to practise with, find someone you trust to guide you through the learning (maybe a online language exchange friend /  a good teacher) !

2018, I hope to start a DISCORD chatroom, answering questions and teach Cantonese in a relaxing mode (but this is a plan) and I hope to use “zoom” [the software] to create group class and would like to see the “new teaching & learning revolution” online.

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