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Sentence (different level) with Audio

created by Audio Quiz

Jyutping Pronunciation Guide

created by Jyutping Pronunciation Guide (see also: Cantonese Tones and Jyutping) Cantonese, like most languages you may learn, has sounds that do not …

Some Cantonese Particles

created by Pronunciation Character Explanation Example aa3 呀 Used in neutral questions.  Also used to soften the tone of affirmative statements …

Quizlet Cantonese vocabulary (free)

  CUHK Cantonese class vocabulary on Quizlet   HKU Cantonese class vocabulary on Quizlet

Beginner Cantonese words and sentences 複習 – Revision Sheets Absolute Beginners >> Please read this page first! << Numbers Natural Objects Dates Quantities and Sizes Directions Time Beginners …

Learn Chinese characters or not?

Chinese characters are one of the things that puts people off most about learning Chinese. But you may be wondering, do you …

Tone Drills

Tone Drills

Tone Drills

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Input Cantonese Websites

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Cantonese Phonetic IME

Jyutping to Hanzi

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Online Cantonese Input