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Beginner Cantonese Video

Purchase of the powerpoints

We have 7 video for the free beginner youtube course, if you like them and prefer having the powerpoints with the “one-click …


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Learn Cantonese through 5-mins Vblog_好人好事 (Intermediate level)

好人好事 今日我攞住好多書, 天氣好熱, 我打算行商場, 而唔行地面. 因為商場有冷氣, 地面實在太熱同太晒喇. 由地面去商場, 我可以行樓梯或者坐lift, 咁我就去等lift啦, 前面有位先生, 同一時間, 突然有好多小朋友同佢地既媽媽, 我仲見到有位伯伯坐住輪椅排隊添. 我就同伯伯講, 你行先啦, 我唔一定要坐lift. 然後我就走去行樓梯, 而我前面位先生, 亦都跟住我一齊走去行樓梯. 咁樣真係好好, 有需要既人真係用到lift, …

Youtube on Cantonese and its origin

Cantonese youtube, to know more about this language from historical/cultural point of view
舌尖上的廣東話 Cantonese on your tongue (Eng version)”>