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Some general idea on learning language

What should I start with?

Cantonese books (vocabulary, sentences) – check our free stuff Get some audio on Cantonese conversation online – check our free stuff Watch …

Should I buy books / apps?

A big YES The MORE books you have may equals to the higher chance that you master the language BUT The MORE …

Do you need a teacher?

Depends… having a teacher is a “real shortcut” to speak / use the language through “TARGET SETTING”. a teacher can give you …

How to learn Cantonese for foreigners (by Carine)

How to learn Cantonese for foreigners (by Carine)

1. Know what knowledge you should learn and what skills you want to obtain for certain purposes.

2. To enjoy the Cantonese learning, below is some advice helping you to learn in a smart way (or don’t sweat way)