Functional Cantonese – Chapter 1 What is your name?

Hi all, thank you for learning Cantonese with Honger Konger, my name is Carine.
This whole chapter is about asking someone’s name and where does he come from.
Please see the lesson flow, it is divided into several parts,
Characters learning, listening, vocabulary explanation, sentence structure explanation and revision.

Part 1. We will begin with the interesting Chinese character learning. around 2 minutes.
Part 2. Listening, as some of you may not be absolute beginner, it helps you to test your listening skills
If you are absolute beginner, don’t worry, this part will act as a real life situation, and you will know how it will look like when you arrive you Cantonese speaking place.
Part 3. Then I will explain the whole conservation from the smallest item, the vocabularies, then the sentence structure

It is a different learning approach, let me know if it is helpful, thanks.

Chapter 1 Part 1 – What is your name? (Character learning)

Chapter 1 Part 2 – What is your name? (Listening)

I will create More, thanks.