Housing in HK

Housing is very expensive in Hong Kong. Sharing a flat with others may be an option, e.g. in 2010, a flat in Hung Hom (Kowloon), 30 mins away from downtown / IFC, 20 mins away from ICC, luxurious residence with a clubhouse/swimming pool/gym/sauna with security guards serving you 24 hours,

Clubhouse = like a club in some residence in the US, it is a place in HK residence providing many kinds of entertainment, reading zone with free magazine, home cinema/BBQ/gym/bowling zone, badminton court, basketball court for friends, the booking fee is cheap, ~50 HKD per hour.


In this kind of residence with clubhouse, [in 2008-2010]

500 square feet with 2 rooms, 16K HKD [8K per person]

1200 square feet with 3 rooms, 36K HKD [12K per person]

It is expensive, also because of the view we have along the victoria harbour or top view from mid level. [40K up]

Based on my knowledge of HK and Singapore in 2013, I would say the same price in Singapore, in HK, you can get more, like what I have mentioned a clubhouse with cheap swimming pool, gym and a free sauna. It may because the building companies in HK are very strong and have good expensive in providing a higher service.

Therefore, even the rent is expensive, if you manage to find some roommates, with a package like this, the living standard in HK would be good, not to mention, the beautiful nature, endless beaches and hills for water sports and hiking.

Some may prefer to live alone, a lot of option is available, ranging 10-15K in Kowloon, 12-18K in HK island, roughly. you can check this bilingual website,