Noise in Hong Kong


Every time when I was out of town, the first thing I recognized was the quietness in the place I visited, comparing to what I have in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is very noisy, reasonble enough, there are noise from the neigbours, you could imagine in a tall building with 36 floors, living 4-6 families or more on each floor.

My friend once said, noise in HK is a trade-off for having the vividity of this beautiful city, yes, HK is as noise as those developed asian cities like Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul. Then a sweet holiday escape to a quieter place will be a good option to adjust your life from time to time.

When you live in HK long enough, you will get used to the noise. However, noise from cars, buses and trucks is still extremely annoying, when you walk in the street, you will suffer with those noise and wearing a headset helps sometimes to shout those noise off your ears.