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We all know that Cantonese can be an extremely difficult language to learn.  So much so that sometimes it can really be disheartening.

Here are a few interviews with some people that have managed to progress beyond the “beginner” level that a lot of us are still floundering at!  Hopefully this will help provide some motivation and reassurance that usable Cantonese is achievable!

  • April 2006: Ho Kwok Wing – 河國榮 – an Australian actor who has found TV and radio fame in Hong Kong.
  • February 2006: Phil Potts – A Canadian who has been learning from a Cantonese family for 9 years.
  • February 2005: Larry Feign – International cartoonist who has lived in Hong Kong for 20 years+
  • April 2003:  Michael Thigpen (Puiwaihin) – 7 years Cantonese learning
  • March 2003: Helmut – 5 years of study
  • February 2003: Mr C – 1½ years experience
  • February 2003: Paul Bodenham – 20 years+ experience

I would like to add some more interviews to this section so if you could send me your answers to the above questions it would be appreciated. Just contact me with your answers.

Sincere thanks to all the interviewees who took the time to share their experiences and advice, it is really appreciated.

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