Cantonese Opera 廣東 粵劇 仙姬送子 【蓋鳴輝 吳美英】主演 全劇

Cantonese Opera embodies the opera art performance fully, the performance is still prevalence in Hong Kong and Canton region.

Cantonese opera is one of the major categories in Chinese opera, originating in southern China’s Cantonese culture. It is popular in GuangdongGuangxiHong KongMacauSingapore and Malaysia. Like all versions of Chinese opera, it is atraditional Chinese art form, involving musicsingingmartial artsacrobatics, and acting. 粵劇 (Jyut6 kek6) should not be confused with 越劇 (Yuèjù), the theatre of Zhejiang.

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