HK government Cantonese Teaching materials : “Elementary Cantonese” (Vol 1: Lessons 1-10) by Sidney Lau

A book that has been recommended once in a while by Cantonese learners.

I bought one from the government bookstore. Language points are illustrated in great details. The texts would not be too out of date (checked by me :D) . It is certainly one of the useful resources for self-learners.  

The book is fairly old but it was well-structured since it was published by Hong Kong Government School for British Officials in Hong Kong since 1970s. The whole series contain 6 textbooks in total, elementary, intermediate and advanced levels, fifth revised.  Learning method presented is audio-lingual approach.

You may buy it at Hong Kong government bookstore by registration.

Book Price : HKD $350 (it was HKD 92 when I bought one one I am using, don’t know why there is such a price increase….)

Page numbers : Over 400 pages


It is certainly a good book, but…it is also a old book. No color, no photo…

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