Glossika French/Cantonese

Update : Glossika launched a new product (with flashcard support), what I comment here is the old product, which included pdfs and mp3. Though there is an upgrade, one should consider the price and the real function of the online app/platform

Short comment : Not for beginner.

Old comment :

I don’t know if I should share my opinions on Glossika, since I really bought it and I was very disappointed. I tried but it did not work out for me. =_= (it may be good material for others, not me, not me, not me…)

The sentences listed in their audio and book are not practical [even today, it is quite boring], sometimes, the grammar is too difficult and the vocabulary too. The audio speed is too fast (maybe they want to create a real envrionment), I could not understand and not to say “learn” anything out of the repeated and repeated listening training.

If you have the same amount of money, you may check Cantonese 101 (has funny video, not only boring repeative listening drills [but it can only be some podcast with less human interaction…)  / fluentu (I know it is not perfect, but it is the technology, however, their content may be too “little” – I did not continue using their french one) / 50 languages (only 50 language do not include cantonese language, but it is a great website for learning other languages)

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