Doubts between “Books” OR “Conversations”

As a language learner, we have difficulty in choosing what learn materials / learning direction we should use or should focus on…

Here is the question : Should I read Cantonese books(1)  or immediately jump-into-the pool to learn Cantonese conversations (2)?

(1) book referring to grammar books, story books, vocabulary books, characters books
(2) conversations referring to learn to say 
"how are you?", "where is the toilet", "can you help me?", "what do you want to do this weekend?"


My suggestion is a mixture of “Cantonese books” & “Cantonese conversation”

Imagine your first time learning your 2nd language (most people may learn English as their 2nd language)

Did you learn by reading grammar books or textbooks? YES

Did you try to speak with native speaker, read a novel or watch TV show with subtitles? YES

So you get the answer.

Note : only with enough input (e.g. from books, video …learning with teachers), you will be able to output (to speak)

a experienced language teacher is some one who can help you do both at the same time.

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