Basic idea you should be aware of (for absolute Beginner)

We need to know the two basic parts, (and how to remember them)

@ Tones & romanisation (the foundation of the sound)

@ SVO sentence structure (the grammar part of all languages)

Under SVO, we have the following, if you master them, you can speak Cantonese!

      @ S/O : Useful Nouns

Personal Pronoun. Demonstrative Pronoun, Question words, basic                                                  vocabulary (like family members/nationality/fruits) etc.

      @ V : Common Verb 

With the above useful nouns and verbs, you know Cantonese already and                                      with tones and romanisation, you can speak it!



  1. Tones (just to sense there is tones in the beginner stage, if you are good at tones, you may learn quickly, but do not expect yourself to distinguish the tones like native speakers in the early stage, sometimes, native speakers don’t even know well about tones)
  2. Romanisation (they are sort of “encoded” to be in English format, you don’t have to “study” it like IPA, just read it naturally, the more you say and listen, you will naturally acquire it)
  3. SVO, only pick those useful SVO, don’t learn too much at a time, 7 words max. at a time, or else you will forget. Just like the photo above, the common verb sik (to eat), Faan (rice)… sik faan (eat rice = have meals) and that is good enough for the beginner [Zo & mei is a tense of Cantonese, that will come later]


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