Nemo Cantonese

Two of my students are using Nemo. It is undoubtedly a good material, when it comes to the limited material available. It requires users to be quite “focus” on one thing at a time, because Nemo comes with quite a simple setting, or you may say not quite easy to get to know how to use it.

I have a Nemo French, but I do not have a Nemo Cantonese. So I hope they are similar. I had not touched my Nemo French for longer than half a year after purchasing, because in the beginning, I really thought its interface was ugly and the setting was too simple (however, simple can be good…)

Believe me, if you’ve purchased it, (which mostly people will buy it coz it is quite cheap, around 10 USD), you need to spend an hour to understand how it works, it has three big functions for my Nemo french,

  1. learning mode (but it was not shown as a learning mode, it may be “flashcard” or sth)
  2. speak out loud mode (this one is very useful, it will compare your voice with its audio)
  3. The word bank – A list of every words they have

and they have some minor setting, like having the audio (English) played, having the translation shown etc.

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