Should I buy books / apps?

A big YES

The MORE books you have may equals to the higher chance that you master the language


The MORE time you spent on studying the language “truely” equals to a good performance

A good book  = shortcut to the core part of the language

BOOKS are not expensive, WHY not?

They are good reference, always available 24hours 7 days

They are structural – in great details

you can learn on your own pace 😀

(yes, you will probably get some useless books / apps, take the risk, you can go to youtube to take a look of the comments on related books)

I strongly recommendation “Lonely planet phrase book” (best suit for who wants survival Cantonese, best suit for upper beginner & intermediate, as for beginner, it is still something relevant to read, so don’t miss it)

This book I really like, less than 100 HKD (can be found in Page One, Swindon)

(sold 10 million of copies, I guess people really like it)

Do not buy Sidney Lau’s book, it is not for self learning, but you can challenge yourself.

Betty Hung’s book are good.

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