Upper Beginner  and Intermediate Cantonese class

4 area covered in your Cantonese class

1.      Daily Conversational Cantonese

e.g. 10 important sentences and questions

Most commonly used nouns and verbs

2.     Listening – 2 levels easy & more advanced

Easy : you just need to repeat the content

More advanced : you have to guess the content and learn the new vocabulary or sentence structures

3.      Story about daily life and conversation

You will listen to a audio on a story

You need to jot down some notes and you have to answer some questions or ask some questions in Cantonese (I will assist you, no worries)

4.      Self introduction, interview and topic preparation

You will be able to talk about yourself, your thoughts on different topics fluently and confidently

The lesson is all-round, with easy and more advanced content. You will learn through both speaking and listening

++++++ My Qualification ++++++
Degree in Teaching Chinese to foreigner
Assistant teacher in local international school

[ Course Features ]

1. It is a Cantonese course from basic to advanced level.

2. One of the characteristics of my material is the inserted “one click audio” & “WhatsApp learning”, that is very efficient for learning and revision you will hear my voice of all vocab and sentence.

3. The teaching material is designed by a Hong Kong language school for non-Chinese students who are beginner or students who have different Cantonese level and want to learn Cantonese with a structural support.

4. Gradual learning path
Beginner : Sound & Expression 1 to 3 (level 1 to 3)
Upper Beginner : Sentence pattern, word order, Short story
Intermediate : Short story
Advanced : Long story



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