Cantonese Books suggested by CUHK

CUHK Independent Learning Centre Resources 2012/8/6

Cantonese for foreigners
1. A Cantonese Book (with 3 Audio CDs). Chan Kwok Kin and Betty Hung. Hong
Kong: Greenwood Press, 2005. UCI, PL1735 C43.
2. A Cantonese-English and English-Cantonese Glossary. To Accompany
“Elementary Cantonese” (Lessons 1–20). Sidney Lau. Hong Kong: Govt. Printer,
1973. UCI/UCIS, PL1733 L35.
3. A Dictionary of Cantonese Colloquialisms in English (英譯廣東口語詞典).
Kwan Kit Choi. Hong Kong: Commercial Press, 2010. UCI, PL 1736 K8.
4. A Glossary of Common Cantonese Colloquial Expressions (英譯廣州話常用口
語辭彙). Compiled and translated by Simon Siu-hing So. Hong Kong: Chinese
University Press, 2002. UCI, PL1735 S8.
5. A Pocket Dictionary of Cantonese (廣州話袖珍字典). Roy T. Cowles. Hong
Kong University Press, 1986. UCIS, PL1455 C68.
6. Basic Cantonese (初級粵語課本). Sidney Lau. Hong Kong: Information
Services Dept., 1968/1987. UCI, PL1733 L35.
7. Basic Cantonese Chinese (with 5 Audio CDs). New York: Simon & Schuster,
2006. UCIS, PL1125 E6 B27.
8. Cantonese Chinese (Phrase Book and Dictionary + CD Pack). Singapore: Berlitz
Publishing/APA Publications, 2003. UCI, PL1735 C36.
9. Cantonese: A Comprehensive Grammar. Stephen Matthews and Virginia Yip.
London; New York: Routledge, c1994. UCI, PL1733 M38.
10. Collins Cantonese Phrasebook (with Audio CD). London: HarperCollins
Publishers, 2007. UCI, PL1735 C65.
11. Communicate in Cantonese (快趣廣州話) (with CD). Catherine Au Scott. Hong
Kong: Commercial Press, 2002. UCI/UCIS, PL1735 S36.CUHK Independent Learning Centre Resources 2012/8/6
12. Contonese Colloquial Expressions (廣州話口語辭彙). Compiled and translated
by Lo Tam Fee-yin. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 2007. UCIS,
PL1735 T28.
13. Elementary Cantonese Conversation: English-Cantonese (外國人學廣州話[第 1
輯]) (with 2 Audio CDs). Shiu Chiu Yeung and Jenny Lee. Hong Kong: General
Language Record, 2000. UCI, PL1735 L44.
14. Interesting Cantonese for Beginner & Intermediate (有趣廣東話:自學初級及中
級廣東話) (with 4 Audio CDs). Susanna Ng. Hong Kong: Ming Man
Publications, 2005. UCI/UCIS, PL1735 N57.
15. Intermediate Cantonese (中級粵語課本). Sidney Lau. Hong Kong : Information
Services Dept., 1969/1984. UCIS, PL1733 L36.
16. Intermediate Cantonese: Themes for Listening & Speaking (with 3 Audio CDs).
Philip Yungkin Lee. Hong Kong: Greenwood Press, 2001. UCI/UCIS, PL1733
17. Learning Cantonese Pronunciation in IPA (廣東話國際音標正音手冊) (with 2
Audio CDs). Esther Y. W. Lai. Hong Kong: ET Business College, 2006.
UCI/UCIS, PL1739 L35.
18. No Sweat Canto-Love: An Easy Guide to Cross-Cultural Relationships. Amy
Leung. Hong Kong: Asia 2000 Ltd., 2005. UCI, PL1740 H6 L48.
19. Phrases in Cantonese (非常廣東話). Betty Hung. Hong Kong: Greenwood Press,
1996/2007.UCI, PL1737 H86.
20. Speak Cantonese. Book III. Parker Po-fei Huang and Gerard P. Kok. New Haven,
Conn.: Far Eastern Publications, Yale University, 1973. UCI, PL1733 H8.
21. The Right Word in Cantonese (廣州話指南) (with Audio CD). Kwan Choi Wah.
Hong Kong: Commercial Press, 1989. UCI, PL1736 K9.

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