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Cantonese/English dictionary

I had a “mandarin” one. I do not have a Cantonese one, but they are similar, the colors used to indicate different …

Nemo Cantonese

Two of my students are using Nemo. It is undoubtedly a good material, when it comes to the limited material available. It …

Glossika French/Cantonese

Update : Glossika launched a new product (with flashcard support), what I comment here is the old product, which included pdfs and …

Cantonese 101

It is good, but a bit expensive or maybe a bit too hard for beginner.

Cantonese teaching website 教外國人廣東話 Teaching Initial and final with sound 有PDF 初級及中級 very useful vocabularies (think about extending to sentences …

Lonely Planet Cantonese Phrasebook (Book Review)

it is colorful
contains a lot of useful phrases
contains funny expressions
easy to find the expressions you need, (it is divided into several categories, like social, meeting people, romance)