For people with Chinese origin or expats and their family in Hong Kong

Students with Chinese origin : My experience with teacher Carine was very good. First she tested me with a few phrases on some basic Cantonese to determine which level may be right for me. She also took me through her teaching techniques on how she teaches her student too. What I liked most is that Carine’s lessons are structured and not messy, compared to my other experiences with online tutoring. Carine also offers homework too, so that you can maintain what you’ve previously learnt as well.’

Expat from Germany : I learnt lessons face-to-face with another teacher, but Carine was the one who encouraged me to speak the language and make sentences based on those vocabulary I knew, and she taught me how to understand her instructions in Cantonese which is excellent! I can interact with her right away in the lesson, I truly speak the laguage and use it in my daily life in Hong Kong.

Our class is exciting, no matter what language level you are in, we use very interactive and interesting approach, in bullet points, we learn with

1. photos/drawings –> help you speak
2. stories –> about daily routine — > help you speak
3. fun-real dialogues –> more vocabulary, make sentence — > help you understand and react
4. flashcards tailor-made for you
5. Slangs learning with comics


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