What is a monthly course?

Why do we need a monthly course?

  1. teacher can create a monthly learning plan for the student, including the content, the lesson activities and the homework
  2. student has a higher motivation in learning and finishing a course is an achievement
  3. We will review the learning outcome every month to make sure the knowledge learnt has been consolidated and can be used in daily conversation

How much is a monthly course?

  1. Monthly course = lesson price X 4, for example, the lesson fee is 200 HKD, then the monthly course fee will be 800 HKD

Current lesson fee

What if I am sick and want to reschedule the lesson?

  1. please notify me at least 24 hours before the class if you reschedule the class. No cancel of class within 24 hours. Sorry but no refund due to missing of class in such a case
  2. a reschedule class must be arranged by students within the same month of payment or late notification of class rescheduling will be considered giving up rescheduling the class

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