Book a trial class, pricing and the payment method

Steps for a class :

1. Book your class below

2. I will contact you and you can arrange the payment (see more below)

3. please read to the bottom 

Book your class :

Press the button below [It will adjust to your time zone]

Book an appointment with Carine's Chinese Class using SetMore

This is a online-booking system, you can login using your google account or FB account. You can book a trial or a 4-lessons monthly course and you will receive an invoice.

For a trial, you can book 1 time-slot. For a monthly course, you can book 4 classes in a month. (all lessons should be finished within a month). The trial fee will be waived for those sign up for a monthly course.

Payment method :

Contact Carine for a 20 mins trial :

Pricing / Tuition fee : 

In HK Dollars and US Dollars Normal [1]  Peak [2] 
9-6pm weekdays after 6pm or weekend
45mins / 4 lessons per month $600.00 (75USD) $750.00 (96USD)
60mins / 4 lessons per month $680.00 (85USD) $860.00 (110USD)
The fee for a single class will be +3USD.
Payment method Bank charge
Paypal $0.05% already included in each payment, see [4] HKD
more about the paypal charge
Local bank transfer lower tuition fee [5]

[1] Normal hours : Mon – Fri    HK Daytime    (9:30am – 6pm)  UTC + 8 HK time 

[2] Peak hours : Mon – Fri    HK Evening time   (7:30pm – 9pm) and Saturday (9:30am – 5:30pm)  UTC + 8 HK time

[3] All lessons should be booked and finished within one month of the first class

[4] Payment via paypal, charge of Paypal is included in the tuition fee.

[5] Low tuition fee for local bank transfer (for example, HSBC / payme / oepay / Standard Charter) , please email to for account confirmation

Class flow and Course review

Before the class:  self-directed learning, (preparation)customized material was sent at the end of the previous class or three days before the class (mutual agreed)

During the class: pronunciation and oral skills will be checked to reach a good level before proceed to new material, repeatations of phrases or sentences is expected to achieve the best learning outcome

After the class:  review and feedbacks / proceed the next learning tasks and goal.

.Student’s responsibility

(All of the below is set out of mutual respect and a mutual agreement)

– notify me at least 24 hours before the class if you reschedule the class. No cancel of class within 24 hours. Sorry but no refund due to missing of class in such a case.

– a reschedule class must be arranged by students within the same month of payment or late notification of class rescheduling will be considered giving up rescheduling the class.

Teacher’s responsibility

– Notify the student as soon as possible if she is sick only as she knows the class cannot be stopped as it will affect students’ learning

– Provide extra timeslots for class if students need to have a reschedule if possible.


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