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(1) Here’s a complete list of titles available in the transcript lessons

Theme #1: Family

  • 油塘綜合家庭服務中心 (Yau Tong Integrated Family Services Center)
  • 童游香港地 – 油塘 (Kids touring Hong Kong – Yau Tong)
  • 50個孩子的家長 (The parents with 50 children)
  • 沒有墻的世界 (A World Without Borders)
  • 媽媽嚴厲-嫲嫲縱容 (Strict Mum, Loose Grandma)
  • 香港家庭福利會寄養服務 (Hong Kong Family Welfare Society Foster Services)

Theme #2: Food

  • 小朋友唔食早餐 (Children who don’t eat breakfast)
  • 香港大牌檔 (Hong Kong Food Stalls)
  • 減鹽減糖 健康為上 (Reduce salt and sugar, Health comes first)
  • 烤三文魚蔬菜藜麥沙律 (Baked Salmon Vegetables Quinoa Salad)
  • 香港癌症日 (Hong Kong Cancer Day)

Theme #3: Education

  • 日本食物教育 (Japanese Food Education)
  • 天下父母心 – 與孩同行 (Parenting – The Journey with Children)
  • 德國幼教 (German Early Child Education)
  • 再思香港幼教 (Rethinking Hong Kong Early Child Education)

Bonus (in Premium): Food education, travel, astrology, advert, drama clip

  • 香港推行食物教育的難度 (The Difficulty of Implementing Food Education in Hong Kong)
  • 北海道Tomamu之旅 (Trip to Hokkaido Tomamu)
  • 家燕大師行運騷 (The Astrology Show With Nancy Sit and Master Lee)
  • Nescafe正宗越南咖啡 (Nescafe Authentic Vietnamese Coffee)
  • 愛回家之開心速遞 (Come Home Love: Lo and Behold)

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