A beginner student from USA : Carine Sin Saang is very experienced, motivated, and prepared to help her students learn Cantonese! Carine Sin Saang achieves this using a very efficient and organized system she developed that emphasizes speaking, listening, reading, and review. By starting with the basics – working through a short passage, how to read Romanized Cantonese, and learning to sing the 6 Cantonese tones – the Cantonese student learns to create more elaborate sentences. I was pleased to be able to do this in my first formal lesson. She also sent me material to reinforce what I learned today. Very practical indeed! I truly enjoyed learning Cantonese with Carine Sin Saang. BOTTOM LINE: If your goal is to learn to speak Cantonese effectively – Ms. Carine will definitely go above and beyond the call to help you do just that! Very good value lesson, indeed! Hou dou zeh, Carine Sin Saang! Many thanks!

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Over 500 hours of Chinese/Cantonese teaching (Since 2011), course for students with different needs and targets

  • MA in Teaching Chinese to foreigner, BA Applied Psychology


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