What will a lesson look like?


– Focus on listening and speaking training
– Material based on your need
– Website Material free for you to explore
– Set reachable goal and review your learning



We create a learning plan for coming lessons

I give students (1) selected material based on your need + (2) “Textbook-class” supporting needs on tone & pronunciation, actual everyday conversation and grammar learning. [See below for more details]


A class consists of two 25-mins sessions, a break in between for better consolidation of knowledge. The last 5 mins of the class will be recap, instructions on homework and other arrangement.


█(step1) Before class : Your study/preparation with assigned, customized material
█(step2) In the class : pronunciation and oral skills will be checked, tones, vocab, sentence drills to make sure your knowledge is internalized and consolidated
█(step3) Before the end of the class : Recap, Instructions on homework given for further consolidation


A customized “google doc” shared with one of my students may illustrate what a lesson look like with “pre-lesson” preparation and “post-lesson” homework

click to take a look

Note : In the first trial, we have to find out the learning need and material to be used. After each lesson, homework will be assigned and we will go through it in the next lesson for a better learning and motivation.

For absolute beginner, you will have the following in the first trial as your reference,

  1. a pdf of Ch1 of the learning pdf
  2. a teaching plan (course outline) of the coming lessons
This is the class booking link with pricing and availablity.
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Note : After discussing the learning need and setting a learning plan in the trial, student will take a monthly course  for a full learning process. A monthly course is “four lessons” in a roll, course period will be listed in the invoice.

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