Beginner and Intermediate Mandarin (both in traditional and simplified Chinese)

Beginner Mandarin_course content & Basic Mandarin with Audio (textbook designed by Taiwan Government)

Intermediate Mandarin_course content

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About Carine – MA in teaching Chinese as a second language, taught over 400 hours


About Carine

How one click audio works  (click and you hear the audio in the lesson notes) for a better revision and a long term study

[ Course Features ]

1. It is a course from basic to advanced level.

2. One of the characteristics of my material is the inserted “one click audio” & “WhatsApp learning”, that is very efficient for learning and revision you will hear my voice of all vocab and sentence.

3. The teaching material is designed by a Hong Kong language school for non-Chinese students who are beginner or students who have different Cantonese level and want to learn Cantonese with a structural support.

4. Gradual learning path
Beginner : Sound & Expression 1 to 3 (level 1 to 3)
Upper Beginner : Sentence pattern, word order, Short story
Intermediate : Short story
Advanced : Long story





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